So I had to write this based off of this post. It was so perfect, it had to happen

It starts with a random text one night. 

It’s exactly 2:42 in the morning when her phone buzzes and jolts her out of the slumber she had so recently fallen into. She supposes it’s her fault, she was the one who stuck the phone under her face while she was waiting for a text from Derek letting her know that he had gotten to where ever it was he was going. 

But it’s not Derek’s name that flashes across her phone screen, it’s Stiles. Cora sits up slightly, leaning back against the pillows as she unlocks her phone. She silently hopes that nothing is wrong because she’s exhausted and she doesn’t really feel like getting out of bed to get dressed to go help them defeat some evil being. 

Although, sometimes she felt like a superhero when she did that and that was pretty cool.

But instead of a text about that, she’s staring at the weirdest text she has ever gotten in her life. 

"It would be weird if our toes had mouths, right?" 

Cora blinks down at the bright light shining from her phone and rereads the text to make sure she’s not imagining this. She puts her phone down slowly as a laugh bubbles from her chest because it’s just so Stiles. She really wouldn’t expect any less of him. She lays back down, pushing her hands under her pillow sighing in relief as the cool sheets hit her warm palms. She closes her eyes to go back to sleep when her phone buzzes again. She groans, leaning over to grab her phone again. 

"I wish there were square donuts." 

She rolls her eyes, letting out a yawn as her thumbs flash across the keyboard. 

"There’s a place in Indiana that makes square donuts. Go to sleep."

"Really?! We have to go." 

She can picture the excitement that is shining in his eyes and the crooked smile she had grown fond of planted on his face. 

"Goodnight, Stiles." 


It happens for a few more weeks. Usually he’ll text her around 3 in the morning, sometimes earlier. She stops actually trying to sleep until he texts her because she knows she’ll just be woken up.

It’s a Friday which means that the text will come in a little later than it usually does. Friday’s, she has learned, is when Stiles plays video games with Isaac and Scott until the early hours of the morning or until Melissa comes in and rips the plug out of the wall when she gets tired of the screaming coming from the three teenaged boys in her house. 

Her phone buzzes at 3:34. 

"Want to get dinner with me tomorrow?" 

She’s stares at the bright screen, dumbfounded at the words she was reading. It’s not the weirdest text she’s ever gotten from him, not by a long shot, it was just unexpected. But even if she’s confused, she can’t stop the stupid smile that breaks around across her face. 



Their first date goes oddly well considering the two of them don’t exactly have the best luck. Cora’s only regret is letting Lydia dress her. But that’s what she gets for telling Lydia about the date in the first place. 

Stiles, to his credit keeps his eyes on hers the whole night despite the fact that Lydia put her in some ridiculous low cut top. When Stiles tells her that they’re going bowling she’s relieved that Lydia did in the end agree to let her wear her jeans. 

"I’ve never been bowling." Cora informs him as they come to a stop at a red light. Stiles has his wrist resting on the steering wheel as he looks over at her with wide eyes full of disbelief. 

"Derek hasn’t taken you since you got back?" 

Cora snorts and shakes her head then Stiles nods as the light goes green and he starts to drive again. “Well,” He said pulling into a parking spot swiftly. “We’re going to fix that.” 

He lets her win. No one has to be a genius to figure it out. She doesn’t catch onto it right away until she hears an older couple next to them talking about it, about how the older man did the same thing for her on their first date. 

Stiles shoves his hands in his pockets when the game is over and nods over to a table. “Lets get food.” He said then looked down and smiled at her nervously. Cora nods and smiles at him, a real smile. She could see that it takes Stiles off guard because Hale’s don’t smile. Not that he’s ever seen anyway. 

While he’s thinking about why she could possibly be smiling at him like that, she takes a step forward and kisses him lightly. It’s barely a brush of the lips but it’s enough for Stiles. It’s enough for both of them. 

"Thanks for letting me win."


"Son of a bitch!" Stiles exclaims, shoving Scott off of his bean bag and punching him in the arm while Isaac laughs from his spot next to Scott. Stiles shakes his head and turns his attention back to to the screen. 

His phone goes off at 2:17. He throws his controller to the side, ignoring the laugh of triumph from Isaac. “Killed you!”

"Only because I let you." Stiles mumbles under his breath as he makes his way over to where his phone is charging on Scott’s bedside table. Cora’s name flashes at him and he smiles, even her name can make him smile. 

"Do you think aliens dress up as humans for halloween?"

Stiles doesn’t get a chance to answer that text because another one rolls in. 

"Peter dressed up as the easter bunny. OH MY GOD. You can thank me for that later." 

He’s created a monster. 

What if garden gnomes could talk. Do you think they’d be really useful during police investigations?

"Oh my god," Cora groans, smacking the back of her hand against Stiles’ chest a bit harder than necessary. "I am right next to you. And it’s," she checks her alarm and groans even louder, "four in the morning."

She feels him shrug more than she sees it because it’s four in the morning and she refuses to open her eyes anymore. He’d probably just take that as encouragement. “I couldn’t sleep.”

"No shit."

Stiles is blessedly quiet long enough for Cora to just start to drift off again when Stiles says, “I just think they’d see everything, you know? Little Centurians. Never moving, always watching.”

Cora sighs and, resigning herself to her fate, rolls over on her side to face Stiles. “I think the more important question would be what kind of accent you think they’d have if they could talk?”

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